• Kyrgyz discuss toughening punishment for child abuse

    Outraged about another severe child abuse case, Kyrgyz citizens, politicians and experts discuss what can be done to prevent such assault. While many say punishment of such criminals should be toughened, education is also mentioned among important reforms.

    01-28-2015 / Read More
  • Russia Reacts to Charlie Hebdo

    There are mixed messages in Russia concerning the Charlie Hebdo tragedy. What is driving the choices and the paranoia it proclaims?

    01-25-2015 / Read More
  • Karimov Looking at Fourth Presidential Term

    As Uzbekistan is preparing for the March 29 elections, the main intrigue of the process – whether current and the country’s only since independence president Islam Karimov will run – is over.

    01-24-2015 / Read More

Kazakhstan Welcomes Medical Tourists


The global “medical tourism” market is estimated to now be worth $38.5-$55 billion annually, based on approximately eleven million patients worldwide spending an average of $3,500-5,000 per visit. But will they come to Kazakhstan?

Turkish Schools Come Under Pressure in Tajikistan


Following Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, Tajikistan is about to shut down Turkish lyceums across the country. While the authorities claim that the closures are merely due to licensing issues, analysts point to increasing government concerns that the schools may be serving to expand the influence of the U.S.-based Turkish philanthropist Fethullah Gulen.


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