Dark times

Uzbekistan Plunges Into Energy Crisis


The fall of 2015 has been marked by one of the worst energy crises in the history of Uzbekistan. All major cities in the country are experiencing shortages of gas, electricity, and hot water. As residents line up for gasoline, dissatisfaction with Tashkent’s inaction is growing among Uzbeks.

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Branching out

Eurasian Economic Union Closes Deal with Israel, China


The Eurasian Economic Union is expanding, and quickly. Leaders of the five member states recently agreed to make China and Israel partners to the trading bloc, but economic analysts in the region warn of potential repercussions.

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After Kazakhstan’s Devaluations, A Sacrificial Lamb

Kairat Kelimbekov

What do you do with a wildly unpopular Central Banker who has overseen two currency devaluations? Fire him as a scapegoat while appointing a much less experienced replacement.

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Dangerous expansion

ISIS Eyes the Caucasus


If any good might be derived from a growing IS presence in the Caucasus, it is that countering it could provide a basis for Georgian-Russian-U.S. cooperation instead of the rivalry that has dominated the relationship up to now.

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Central Asia Prepares for Chaos from Afghanistan

The September 28 capture and retention of Kunduz by the Taliban has reverberated far beyond Kabul, as the incident illustrated the dismal combat readiness of the Afghan National Army and has regional neighbors on edge and with an eye on their borders.

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