The Republic of Azerbaijan is creating new opportunities to diversify energy export routes for both itself and the entire region of the world, Energy Minister, Natig Aliyev on June 3, as part of the Caspian Oil & Gas Conference held in Baku, Aynur Karimova writes for Azernews.

“Gas from Turkmenistan, Iran, Iraq, as well as from Israel and Cyprus can be connected to the Southern Gas Corridor,” he stressed. “The extensive work being done by Azerbaijan stands behind all of this.”

Aliyev commented that presently, Europe is highly concerned over energy security. “In particular, this has been affected by tense relations between Ukraine and Russia, its high dependence on (gas) supplies from Russia, and the decline in production in the North Sea,” he noted. “Europe imports about 90 percent of its oil, 60 percent of its gas and 42 percent of its coal,” he said.

Aliyev stressed he believes his country is now becoming one of the key energy players on the planet while adding, “Azerbaijan is also a new source of energy for Europe, and it offers Europe new routes.” He stressed he was referring to the production as well as transit of gas from Central Asia as well as the Mid-East.

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