Executive Summary of Kazakhstan

During 2015, Kazakhstan stayed a consolidated regime, this government has hired a host from western PR organizations to take care of its reputation abroad because it had to be changed to present a fresh country that is very open-minded. Of course, every country would want to have that type of reputation because that will benefit them a lot. In the eyes of other countries, Kazakhstan wasn’t a “young” country that seems to be open minded and because of that, they had to focus their time on changing that. If other countries don’t think that Kazakhstan is open-minded and it is going towards democracy, then they will never help them out. Their mission was to completely change that to their advantage.

In April that same year, Nursultan Nazarbayev won the election again with an outstanding 97.75% of the votes. If you are not familiar with this president, then we will help you out a little. He is a 74-year-old and he has been their president for a quarter of a century, that is considering to be a very long time, no matter what country you are from. Presidents usually are up for few years or maybe a decade by for a quarter of a century that is really an accomplishment. Because of these circumstances, people are often asked why they choose him for the president again and the reason is quite simple. The ruling of Nazarbayev is so strong that he rules out any other option for the people and that way he can easily win any election that he desires.

This time there wasn’t anything different, he was facing two different challengers who didn’t actually represent any threat to him. His victory has been long awaited by many people who are in some higher position because they already knew the outcome of this election long before anyone else. Unfortunately, none of this can be proven as a scam so people who are against him cannot do anything but to watch him win every time that he desires. However, him being so old, might change some things in the near future.