Kyrgyz special forces have apprehended two alleged members of international terrorist organizations who had just returned home from Turkey and Syria, a news statement from the Central Asian republic’s Ministry of Interior stated Tuesday, TASS reports.

“During a search operation, it was established that one of the detained had gone to Turkey in February 2013. In 2015, he took part in training for several months, and learned to handle firearms at an extremist camp in the Syrian province of Latakia,” the statement from the Interior Ministry said.

No information was provided on the second suspect who had returned from Turkey. The suspected extremists had reportedly returned on a plane from Istanbul “to commit several crimes,” including “killing and eliminating people…” The ministry added its information shows the two were ordered by a compatriot in Syria to return to Kyrgyzstan to “attack and rob wealthy people, foreigners and send the money to extremists.”

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