Uzbekistan Energy Crisis

The world is changing day by day. More sky rise buildings are popping out in different corners of the world, the modes of transportation are improving day by day, and people have improved their economic life as the days passed. These are just some of the good things that had happened in the world. However, the place that people live in has also experienced different hardships as the years pass by. One of the best examples of these hardships was the energy crises that happened in Central Asia. As everyone knows, Central Asia is a good source of oil, and this oil is being exported in the different parts of the world.


During the winter of 2007, scientists believe that there was something wrong with the gust of the wind and the temperature as well. It was recorded to be the coldest winter. Due to the weather, several establishments were affected. Not only businesses were affected but homes as well. People of all ages had to wear thicker or even doubled jackets just to keep them warm for the rest of the days. The people had to go into demonstrations for the government to assure them that everything will still be normal despite the current situation that they are feeling.



Because of the weather, a lot of people have become frail. They easily get sick, and there were even recorded deaths of very young and very old individuals. Moreover, some people have also become too sick because there was a shortage of food at that time and so people did not get the necessary nutrients that they needed to keep their bodies’ strong and healthy.


As mentioned above, there was a shortage of food supply because crops and even animals had a hard time surviving. Good thing that the UN has sent some aid to the people who are experiencing famine.

Power Shortage

Due to the freezing of some oil in the oil plants, the government had to ensure that the people will get electricity and other sources of energy. The government scheduled power outages for all places to experience. In this way, the government has served its clients, and at the same time, the government saw good and potential workers. As a result, some people went back to their old ways of making fire and so people have become angry and hungry at the same time.

In summary, the energy crisis in Kyrgyzstan marks an integral part of the history. This situation cannot be avoided as it is difficult to predict what the Supreme Being is writing for you. However, this case can be eased out and can be controlled. For instance, the government has to empower other agencies so that there is the faster delivery of the services. Aside from that, during difficult times people see the people who stick with them. Moreover, trying times, people become united in their form of thanksgiving and praise.