Silk Road Reporters is an independent news website focused on politics, economics, and society in Central Asia and beyond.

Our goal is to provide compelling original and aggregated reporting, analysis, and interviews from and about Central Asia, with an eye on bringing forward fresh voices and open exchanges on the region.

Launched on January 1, 2014, our news website features work from a network of freelance correspondents across Central Asia and the Caucasus, as well as aggregated news stories from around the web and original commentary and analysis.

Silk Road Reporters receives private and institutional support for its operations, as well as advertising revenue. We’re always looking for new writers and new voices to join our network – please reach us through our contact page with any proposed submissions. For advertisement placements, use the same form.

*Due to the precarious conditions for freedom of the press in many Central Asian nations, there are sometimes situations in which some our writers may require the use of pen names to protect their safety.*


James Kimer – Managing Editor: James is a communications consultant and web editor with long history of working in Russia, Eurasia, Africa, and Asia. He occasionally contributes analysis articles to Silk Road Reporters and edits contributions from correspondents based in country. He can be reached at

Joe Peerson – Headlines Editor: Joe is responsible for editing our “Digital Steppe” section, collecting aggregated news coverage from around the internet.


John C. K. Daly: Independent op/ed contributor and non-resident Fellow at the Johns Hopkins Central Asia Caucasus Institute in Washington DC. Opinions expressed by Dr. Daly are his alone, and may not reflect the editorial position of Silk Road Reporters.

Joshua Noonan: Independent analysis contributor. Opinions expressed by Mr. Noonan belong solely to the author, and may or may not reflect the editorial position of Silk Road Reporters.

Kseniya Bondal:  Freelance correspondent focused on policy and economics in Kazakhtan.

Bakyt Ibraimov :  Freelance writer focused on economic and social issues in Kyrgyzstan.

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