Economic and Political Policies

If you want to understand new economic policies, you will need to understand the modern political systems and modern economies. Trends today are going towards the liberal market. When we say liberal market that is not entirely precise. First of all, we need to understand that there are two different lines in our system. First of all, there is a line that is usually going up and down, and the next line that is going from left to right. The line that is going vertical is the political line. The center is usually about liberalism regarding politics. Liberals are not that liberal as people think. They are some golden middle. They are a centrist type of policy, a mixture of authoritarian systems and libertarian systems. Centrists are those who are in the middle of both ways. Which turns out to be an ideal political ideology.

When we talk about economic policies, we usually consider left and right to be our guideline. Leftist economies are oriented towards the state, and the state interferes in the market. Those policies usually say that a welfare state is the best system for humans. It is when you consider the social security and health. In fact, this type of state is ideal. But what about the market? A state that interferes with the market and runs the market towards a certain goal can end up with catastrophic events. A guided market is not good because you can’t produce something that people don’t want to use for example so that you can give jobs to your population. The right economies have a free market which is ideal, but they are far from the secured state. In these systems, you are on your own. You need to worry about your healthcare and your social security.

So what’s the solution?

The solution is to take the best thing from both worlds and apply them. Centrists do that. They combine the free market with a welfare state. Those are liberals in general. Even there, you will have some different philosophies. But we are humans, and the only thing we need to worry about is our lives. The conditions we are living in and the standard of our lives.


We need to make sure that we choose the best system that will have best things from both worlds. We all understand how the system works. And we need to adapt to that system or change it.