Proxy Wars

Wait a minute. As in proxy server? Digital wars? Computer games? No. We mean the wars that different countries wage against each other with different armies. World’s superpowers are using some small countries that they are using to settle conflicts with their rival country. The same thing goes from the other side. The best example of proxy war is Vietnam War. The USA has been supporting South Vietnamese army while Russia, China, and other communist states supported Vietcong and other communist factions. They also provided weapons and ammunition as well as equipment and even troops. This is an ideal place to wage war on someone else’s territory without the risk of having that destruction on your territory and with your people. It is immoral when you think about it. You are using other countries for your goals. It is indeed immoral. But that is the situation.

And those superpowers will usually say that they are just trying to help those people from the aggressor that is near them. They are just trying to give democracy to certain country and people. They want to help them. That is far away from helping. They are usually into natural resources. Every war is about resources and economy. The only interest of these big countries is money and nothing else. And of course, they will usually start a fight about that money. Fights lead to wars. And you need a country to do that. You don’t want to kill your people.

Proxy wars are the best way for controlling other smaller countries

This is a typical scenario. Stronger countries support smaller countries with weapons and everything they need. In return, they need to go into combat whenever is needed. These are the rules of modern war trade. You will watch politicians on TV that are justifying certain military interventions in foreign countries, and they will usually say something about terrorism and stuff like that, but keep in mind that those governments could also create those terrorist groups just to have an excuse to intervene in that region.


Always question authority. Always ask questions. Don’t be deceived! You need to know the truth.