Something New About World Economics

If you want to know everything the new system about workplaces and technology, then you won’t like it at all. When people say that technology is not good for the common worker and that technology is stealing our jobs, they are saying the truth. This is a situation that we can all understand. For example, a company that produces cars doesn’t require a lot of workers to assemble cars. Machines and sophisticated robots do that instead of humans. So as you can see, machines are taking our jobs. They are more productive than us, and they cost less. When you need to buy a machine and maintain it, you will soon realize that it is still cheaper than an average worker. This is a sad story because machines don’t need salaries and they don’t need vacations and free days when they are sick.

As you can see, humankind can be in a lot of trouble because we are no longer needed. Companies now have a cheaper workforce which is more productive than us. This is a major concern because the big question pops out. What will we do? The human population will start to fall in numbers because of these machines. Some experts believe that this is a good thing because this is an effective way of controlling overpopulation. People will need to have a maximum of one child or less. Some people will usually say that this is not a good thing but take China for example. Families that have only one child have many benefits. This is due to the overpopulation in that country. Machines can control population because humans will see that there is no need of having more people on earth because there won’t be any more jobs.

Are machines not that bad?

Well, they’re not. The only human who will be needed is the one who will control and maintain those machines. It is a simple fact, and we need to face those facts. Humans are no longer needed in those numbers for production and industry. Humans have become a replaceable workforce, and the need for them will start to deteriorate.

Many will say that this will be our doom and that will are in real trouble. No, we are not, it’s just that there won’t be that much need for a large number of workers. And as you can see, we will need to adjust our lives according to that new situation.